About Me
Harry T Thompson is a professional musician/composer from Manchester.

Having played both as a solo pianist/vocalist and in ensembles as a multi-instrumentalist, you’re guaranteed a fantastic service and good quality music no matter what the occasion.
Currently studying under some of the country’s leading figures in music, Harry is developing his relatively young career at a growing rate.
As a composer and sound designer, his work has featured in a variety of shows from Ten Tiny Fingers, Nine Tiny Toes to Antigone and A Midsummer Night’s Dream amongst others. As a performer, he has played at some of Manchester’s most iconic venues including the Bridgewater Hall, Band on the Wall, the Royal Exchange Theatre and 2022NQ as well as in various musicals as an actor/pit musician.
Harry is currently in the planning stages of a regular podcast all about the history of music, entitled A History of Rhythm and Rhyme.

Future Work

Past Work

Bridgewater Hall
Royal Exchange Theatre
Band on the Wall
Wonder Inn
Dancehouse Theatre

Sababa – Northern Souls
By Nakib Narat
Dir: Jenny Gregson
12th – 14th February 2016

Sound/Lighting Designer
Psychopathy and the Single Girl
By Nakib Narat
Dir: Emily FitzGibbon
22nd - 25th June 2016

A Midsummer Night's Dream
By William Shakespeare
Dir: Christine Jones
4th November 2014

Ten Tiny Fingers, Nine Tiny Toes
By Sue Townsend
Dir: N/A

NOTHING (Deputy Stage Manager)
By Amanda Dalton, adapted from the novel by Janne Teller
Dir: Bryony Shanahan
14th - 17th April 2016
Assistant Producer
The Community Centre!
By Nicola Gardner
Dir: John Klark
20th- 24th September 2016